Lost and Found Pictures

One of the great thigns about old cameras is that they often have old film in! While the images may not be particularly brilliant in quality or content, rediscovering images form 30 or 40 years ago is always exciting.

This section is for images taken on 127 back when the film was in mainstream production - they may be pictures of or by site contributors, or simply images found in cameras.

Thomas Mehrer

It must have been in my first or second school year (about 1972) when the class made an excursion to an animals garden in Wachenheim (Rheinland-Pfalz). For this event an uncle of mine gave me a camera (an Ihagee, maybe an Ultrix or Auto-Ultrix) and told me how to take pictures. I was not interrested very much neither did i know anything about shutter speed nor about aperture setting. Mother went to the chemists and bought a film which I exposed (obviously it was no problem to get this format in these times). That was the last film in this camera. By chance i found the pictures!

Dave Schneller

Here are two pictures my father gave me not long after my son was born. There were taken with the Sawyer's I have now.

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