Efke 100 Developing

As the only available 127 black and white film, I think it's safe to assume that most of us are shooting Efke 100 most of the time (Maco UP100, and Jessops is rebadged Efke). I've therefore collected together some dev times for Efke 100. Most of these have come from other sources, and I've listed these sources, so you can refer to them for more info.

Unless noted times are for standard inversion processing at 20 degrees C. I've included a film speed where one was noted in the original source, otherwise assume a speed of 100.

Developer Type Dilution EI Time Comments Source
A49 Agfa Atomal Stock 8 JandC
A49 Agfa Atomal 1+1 12 JandC
A49 Agfa Atomal 1+2 15 JandC
Aculux 1+9 160 9.5 FDC
Acuspeed 1+7 400 10 FDC
Acutol 1+10 200 9 FDC
Acutol 1+15 200 13.5 FDC
Acutol 1+20 200 18 FDC
Amaloco AM 74 1+7 3.5 GG
Calbe R09 (Original Rodinal) 1+40 13 Agitate well for good contrast. Somewhat grainy, but nice Results if you like that sort of thing. JandC
Calbe R09 (Original Rodinal) 1+100 19 JandC
Calbe A49 Stock 100 8 MDC
Calbe A49 1+1 100 12 MDC
Calbe A49 1+2 100 16 MDC
Classic F09 1+40 13 GG
Econtol 2 1+14 8.5 Results Adequate but not great Jessops
Ethol Blue 1+60 320 8 (21C) FDC
Ethol TEC 1+15 400 10 (21C) FDC
Ethol UFG 200 3.5 (21C) FDC
Foma Fomadon 1+10 9 GG
HC110 Dilution B 6 6 recomended for a condenser enlarger. For Diffuser try 6:30. Less grainy, and more shadow detail than Rodinal. Dave R
Ilford ID11 / Kodak D76 Stock 8 GG+MDC
Ilford ID11 / Kodak D76 Stock 7 JandC
Ilford ID11 / Kodak D76 1+1 10 JandC
Kodak Tmax 1+4 7 JandC
Kodak Tmax RS 6 JandC
Kodak XTOL 9 JandC
Kodak XTOL Stock 100 8 MDC
Kodak XTOL 1+2 64 8.5 MDC
Rodinal 1+25 6 JandC
Rodinal 1+50 10 JandC
Rodinal 1+50 200 14 FDC
Rodinal 1+50 400 24 FDC
Rodinal 1+100 16 JandC
PMK Pyro 1:2:100 10 JandC
ABC Pyro 6 JandC
Pyrocat HD 2:2:100 8 JandC
Tetenal Emofin 4+4 JandC
Tetenal Neofin Blue 15 GG + JandC
Tetenal Neofin red 10 GG
WD2D+ 1+2 9.5 JandC

I've added a comments for Econtol and R09 - the only two I've used. I'd welcome any additions or other comments. Remember these are only a guide, and should be adjusted based upon your own results.

Finally, Efke use a particulary colourfull anti-halation layer. A 1 minute pre-soak with water is recommended to remove this layer, and prepare the film for developing.


J and C Photo are the official distributor of Efke in North America.
Garage Glamour have a nice simple dev chart covering major films and chemicals.
The Film Developing Cookbook by Stephen Anchell, and Bill Troop. Focal Press. A BOOK! on darkroom chemistry.
The Massive Dev Chart is the ultimate online developing chart. It includes some times for Efke which aren't listed here, but I've only copied over the most important to try and keep this chart managable.
Fotoimpex also provide dev times for all of their films (including ekfe 100).

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