127 Cameras

There were probably thousands of different 127 camera's from simple boxes, to precision engineered tlr and slr's. Here I've catalouged a few from my own collection, which hopefully covers most of the essentials. If you've got anything interesting, please send in a picture, and a little covering text, and I'll add it to the list.

Help NeededI need help to indentify this camera.

Cameras by Manufacturer

Cameras by Type

Catagorising cameras by type is a bit arbitary. After all, box and folding cameras are just specific types of view finder camera. Stereo camera's have to be in some other catagory too. However I've made a rough stab at putting them into groups.

Cameras by Format

127 film is marked with two sets of numbers - 1-8 for cameras which take 6x4 pictures, and 1-12 for 4x4 camera's. In addition half frame camera's take two shots in each 6x4 frame, giving 16 pictures per roll.

In terms of quality, 127's vary from dreadfull to outstanding, with a marked peak in the poor catagory. If you're looking for a 127 to use as a serious camera, then consider a Yashica, Komaflex or splash out and get a Rollei. If you're just looking for something fun to try, then just take a chance, and send in a report of how you get on!