Ace Ajoy

We've all got Japanese cameras, American cameras, British cameras. Germany has a famous camera industry. Even Italy gets in on the action occasionally. However the Ajoy 127 a bit more exotic, manufactured by Ace camera equipments (sic) private ltd, Bombay 7, India.

It has a very functional feel, with some similarity to the Brownie 127, taking 8 shots per roll. In many ways this camera is everything you'd expect an Indian made camera to be. Made from brown bakelite, it offers a single fixed exposure, though it does appear to have flash contacts on the top, either side of the view finder.

The Ajoy, is identical to the Sawyers Nomad 127 (1957). The the connection is unclear it's been sugguested that Ace licensed the design from a third party.

Ajoy appears to be a boys name, but that doesn't help much!

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