Bencini of Milan

The Bencini comet series, at first sight seem rather nice litte cameras. They're made out of aluminuim, making them light but very robst. They even a focusing ring (You just have to guess the distance of course).

A number of comet models exist, this being the most common, the comet-s, which takes 16 half frame images. The most collectable comet is the comet 3 which has a very bizare appearance, almost like a film camera, though its mechanism is relativly standard.

In use the camera disapoints a little. The vertical format is interesting, and makes you think about composition a little more, if you can resist the temptation to turn the camera on its side for every shot. However most of the shots I took came out underexposed, so make sure you're using it on a bright day. Though there is a flash connector, its timed for flashbulbs (as you'd expect for a low cost 1950's camera), and hence doesn't work correctly with a modern electronic flash.

The final images weren't as sharp as I'd hoped - not helped by the relativly small negative size.

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