Haking is the Hong Kong based manufacturing company behind numerous low cost cameras, and are particulary well know for the Halina brand. The Haco 44 was one of their more upmarket offerings (and infact is made in Japan).

Little is known about it, but it was available in black, and more rarely grey. It's pretty safe to guess that it dates from the late fifties, as it's directly comparable to the large range of other Japanese baby tlr's available at that time.

Functionally it offers an interesting range of shutter speeds - the fastest speed is 1/300th but it offers slow speeds of 1, 1/2, 1/5 and 1/10th. All of these are still operating crisply on this particular camera. Optically it offers the standard f/3.5 60mm lens, labelled as a "Hacor". Though the technical spec is in some respects highter than (for example) the Yashica 44a, the genera feel of the camera is a bit clunky, and the Yashica's are signifigantly better cameras. This isn't helped by the high gearing on the focusing know, which makes focusing heavy and overly sensitive.

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