Ilford Sprite

The Ilford Sprite was released in 1962 to promote Ilford's film range, much as Kodak sold their Brownie range. It's stylings are reminicent of many of the Brownie cameras from the late 50's early 60's - particularly the Brownie Holiday, and it supportes two apertures, labeled "colour"(note UK spelling!) and "b&w". Inside we find the label "Always use no 127 Ilford films. Ilfocolor [USA spelling now!] for colour [UK! make up their minds] prints, Selochrome Pan for black and white prints".

Like most of Ilfords camera offerings, the sprite is simply a rebadged version of something else - in this case the Agilux Colt 44.

The sprite uses the 4x4 12/roll format, and came in a rather nasty plastic ever-ready case.

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