Rodenstock Ysella

The Zeh company produced its Goldi camera for 16 pictures on 127 film, but also supplied them as OEM to other retailers and makers for rebadging. This example was sold by Rodenstock under the Ysella name, equipped with a Compur-Rapid shutter with a top speed of 1/500s, and of course, a 5cm Rodenstock Trinar lens with the larger maximum aperture of f/2.9. The Goldi basis is still unmistakeable: the manually-erected optical finder, scissor-struts and folding baseboard, an arrangement also seen in the very desirable Zeca-Flex twin-lens reflex camera, and the film loading mechanism is similar to that in the Korelle. Rodenstock remains a highly-regarded maker of photographic lenses and spectacles.

Submited by Samuel Tang.

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