Spartus and the related companies produced dozens of generally low budget cameras under almost as many brand names between the 1930's and 1960s. Camera production began in the mid 30's in New York as Utility Manufacturing Company. In the 40's they were bought by Spartus, and at some point in this period moved to Chicago.

In 1951 Harold Rubin - Spartus's head of sales bought out the company, and it became "Herold Mfg Co". Until the early 60's Spartus/Utility/Herold produced cameras under so many brands and model names (including Acro, Camera Man, Elgin Labs, Falcom, Photocraft, Cinex, King Sales, Faultless, Bernard Products, Monarch Mfg, Magestic, Galter, Mar Crest Mfg, Remington, Deluxe Products, Rolls Camera Mfg, Waldorf and of course the classic Seymour Sales!) that it's almost impossible to keep track. However they all have the same distinctive styling, and the labeling "Chicago. Ill. U.S.A"

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