Acro Rangefinder

Acro Scientific Products Co. appears to be one of the less commonly used, and more upmarket brandnames of the Spartus/Utility/Herold group. Though bearing all of the common stylings of the Spartus brands, it's a distinctly more serios camera, including a fully featured shutter/lens in addition to the rangefinder, and extinction metering system.

I've been told that the camera dates from around 1938, which would be consistant with the use of a rangefinder (Leica popularised the design in the 30's, and it was also used on some later variants of the Forth Derby), but I'm a bit sceptical and would have placed the Acro somewhat later.

The twin red windows mark the Acro as a half frame. Shutter speeds are 25/50/100/200/b/t, Apertures f/18 - f/4.5 and focusing down to three feet. The rangefinder is of course uncoupled (the distance reading must be manually transfered to the focusing dial), but it's bright and surprisingly easy to use.

The Acro has also been spotted badged as a Marvel.

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