127 TLR Cameras

It's not always clear when a view camera becomes a TLR. The Brownie Reflex and Starflex could be basic TLRs. The Great Wall Ilfoflex is also clearly styled to appear as a TLR.

More upmarket, there are many top quality TLR's to choose from that perform as well as their 120 counterparts. The gold standard for TLR's is the Rolleiflex which existed in four variants form the 1930's through to the 60's. During the 1950's when superslides were most popular, Yashica copied the Rollei's, producing three variants of their 44 camera.

Many other Japanese companies also jumped on the 44 TLR bandwagon, including Ricoh (Rocohmatic, and Super 44), Minolta (miniflex), Olympus (eyeflex) and Haking (Haco 44). One of the most signifigant was Topcon (Tokyo Optic Company), whose camera was rebadged as the Primo Jr, and the Sawyer's Mark IV.

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