Great Wall

The Great Wall Plastic Company (of Kowloon, Hong Kong) are most famous for inventing the Diana - the worlds first disposable camera. However unlike modern disposables, the Diana was best disposed of BEFORE use. Dianas (and inumerable clones) were given away as part of promotions for all manner of products.

Then something strange happened - people started using them. Then even more strangly they started LIKING the out of focus, badly exposed results, and the toy camera movement was born. While Diana's (and the more modern Holga) are the main tool of the toy camera fan, 127 users can also get in on the action.

Though it's not fully confirmed it apears that Great Wall was also responsible for two 127 cameras. If they weren't made by Great Wall, I can at least say with reasonable authority that these were both made by the same factory, as the shutters, and moldings have common features.

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