Yashica 44a

These are two of my favourite cameras - a pair of 44a's. Note that they're still labeled as 44's, which commmonly results in them being miss-listed on ebay. A real 44 has more complex controls, and bay 1 filter mounts. The 44a has only shutter speed (300,100,50,25 and B) and aperture (f/3.5-f/22). Flash sync is X (whereas the 44 also supports M speed flash bulbs), and film advance is via the tried and trusted red window method.

The 44a was manufactured in a range of colours - here we have the black and the grey, but blue and maroon versions were also available. This particular grey was imported from America - if you look closely you'll see that the focus know is calibrated in both feet and meters (for the Canadian market), where as this black was brought to England from the far east, and is only marked in feet.

In use these are great camera's taking 12 4x4's. The simplified controls make them fun to use, and they look so pretty... Image quality is great.

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