127 Galleries

"And what good" said Alice, "is a website without pictures or conversations?"

This is where the pictures go... After all, this is a web site about USING 127 camera's rather than collecting them. If you'd like to submit images, simply email them (jpeg, no bigger than 500 pixels on the longest edge) to gallery@onetwoseven.org.uk, along with a bief description of where and how they were taken.

Regular contributors will be rewarded with onetwoseven.org.uk email addresses!

Don't worry about your photo (or scanning of it) not being brilliant - after all they're only on a website. A low res image, viewed on screen can never be the same as a real photo (we should do a print exchange at some point...). The important thing is to be taking photo's and putting them out there.

On 12/7(July) 2005 we encouraged people to go out and celebrate the 127 format. The resuls are in our first colaborative gallery