Ian Stephenson

Wedding Gallery.

Brownsea Island Gallery.

Throop Mill

These were taken at Throop in dorset, Summer 2003 with a Brownie 127 Model 1.

Corfe Castle

This was taken on a bencini comet-s half frame camera. It's not entirly sharp printed at 8x10, but it looks great on screen, and otherwise came out quite well. The rest of the roll wasn't as sucsessfull, as most of it came out underexposed - they probably get more sun in Italy.

New Forest

This as waken with a brownie reflex, for world toy camera day. At the time, I didn't really think much of it, but it stuck in my mind.

Whitley Bay

One of my favourite camera's is the Yashica 44a. Unfortunatly this particular camera (the black one) suffered from fungus on the taking lens which dramatically reduced the contrast of the image in bright area's. In the original versions of this print, the water was almost invisible - fortunatly we were able to burn in the top of the image, and get the camera serviced at very reasonable cost.

Starflex in Bournemouth

Been after a starflex for a while. Here are the results of a few tests. It's a fun, and easy camera to use, being pretty tiny with a nice viewfinder. The results are a bit fuzzy though.

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