Lee Osborne

Here's some of my Brownie Reflex handiwork.

Crichton Caslle

These were taken at Easter, at Crichton Castle in the Scottish borders. Amazing place! Efke film, Reflex Brownie, photosupplies.co.uk processing.


This one was again shot in the Reflex Brownie, at Denton railway station in Manchester, on March 19th. Denton's claim to fame is that it is served by Britain's least frequent train service - one train a week, in one direction only! I'd just alighted from it. Maco C41 film, processed by photosupplies again.


"Rhyl" was shot at Rhyl railway station in Feb 2000. I sat on a bench, wedged the camera between my knees, and held the shutter open for the count of 10 on the B setting. Although there's a bit of shake, I LOVE this photo. On Jessops branded film, developed by Jessops mail order (alas they won't do 127 any more).

World Toy Camera Day

These were shot on "World Toy Camera Day" this year (Oct 23rd 2004) in Dungeness. The house next to the caravan, I think, belongs to Thomas Dolby. Efke film, www.photosupplies.co.uk processing.