Pete Hobbis

Thought I'd send some photos from my Zeh Goldi too. This is 3 x 4 format too. Very similar to the Rodenstock Ysella you have on the site. I have two of them - this one has a Schneider Radionar in a Compur shutter (the other camera has a Zecanar Anastigmat, which is probably a Radionar, but with Zeh's name put on it). This one belonged to a Corporal Shaw in the RAF regiment, and I found his permit to have it with him at the RAF Signals School in Egypt in 1944, tucked in the lining of the case.

The photos are from the summer of 2005.

Laurel leaves in an old cemetery in Leeds.

A lilac tree (I think) overlooking the Square in Winchester.

A house in Little Minster Street, Winchester.

The city Mill and St Swithun's Bridge, Winchester.

Another view toward the Square.

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